Vintage Typewriter

If you have a special love for collecting vintage items, you may be interested in picking out an excellent and attractive-looking vintage typewriter. A vintage typewriter may be just what your decoration is missing. Vintage pieces have the extraordinary power to add beauty and charm to your rooms. This is the reason why today, we’ll be sharing with you some of the most popular vintage typewriter options around.

People may find themselves in need of collecting typewriters for several reasons: history, nostalgia, work-related skills. Collectors typically search for machines in good working condition, while the more adventurous don’t mind acquiring machines that need repairing. Others may appeal to their ethereal look to play a role in their decor.

Whatever the reason, vintage typewriters can be found to blend a classic and modern design. It also doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as some of the purely vintage-styled typewriters either, which is a huge plus. So with so many options, how do you know what to choose. Scroll down to find some of the most popular options currently available.

Typewriter Brief History

Machines used back in the 19th century were wholly mechanical; in other words, these models were controlled manually by using springs and levers. Each key had to be pressed firmly, and the carriage had to be moved to its original place after the end of every line. They also made a noise when the keys were struck, which was quite loud, and hundreds of people used to work together on different typewriters.

These minor issues were resolved when electric ones came into use. They have reduced extra strain and effort, which was required before. Electronic typewriters were introduced in the early 1900s and were ubiquitous by the 1930s.

Vintage Typewriter FAQ’s

Are vintage typewriters worth it?

This is plain and simple, a matter of preference. Many people might think that typewrites’ usage is near to or almost zero, but the fact is there are still people who love to rely on these antique equipment and utilize them to bring their work and thoughts to life. Would it be amazing to have a  vintage desk to place your typewriter on top of it? We have a great article on those, plus you can add a vintage lamp, a stack of vintage paper and flowers, that would look like a lovely place in your house!

How much is a typewriter worth today?

Typewriters made in the 1940s or earlier, especially those manufactured in the 19th century, may be worth some money if they’re still in working order. Non-working antique typewriters are typically worth about $50, but refurbished models can earn $800 or more.

What is an old Royal typewriter worth?

The Royal Typewriter Company launched their portable series significantly later than their competitors, releasing their first portable in 1926. Generally, portables from the 1920s-1940s are worth between $500-$800, and portables from the 1950s-1970s are worth anywhere between $200-$600.

What is a Corona typewriter?

The Corona typewriter models were manufactured by the Corona Typewriter Company, Inc. of Groton, New York, sometime from 1923-1925. One of their most famous pieces, the Corona No. 3, was a front-striking model with a three-row QWERTY keyboard, featuring a “3” number on the frame below the spacebar.

Can you still buy a manual typewriter?

Typewriters, both manual and electric, are still made today. However, they probably aren’t what you’re looking for if you want something vintage and authentic. There is a good chance you can purchase much nicer original manual typewriters for the same price and sometimes cheaper.

How to care for a vintage typewriter?

  • You can perform many basic repairs to older typewriters, including cleaning, lubricating, and replacing minor parts.
  • Dust can get in between the parts of your typewriter and cause it not to function correctly. Regularly dust your typewrite to keep it in perfect working order.
  • Make sure to store your typewriter where it will not be exposed to extensive dust or sunlight.
  • These typewriters do NOT need lubrication. Oiling your typewriter can reduce the life of the product.

What should you know before choosing a vintage typewriter?

  • Material. The best typewriter brands are the ones that have a metallic interior and sturdy structure. So if you are looking for something long-lasting, then a metal body manual portable or electronic typewriter is highly recommendable. Usually, manual portable typewriters are pretty strong.
  • Ribbons. It would help if you also considered the ribbon types used in your typewriters. Most typewriters accept the universal spool, which fits almost all types and brands of typewriters with a half-inch size.
  • Keys. When it comes to keys, the old typewriter brands or typewriters followed it as a common thing to not include 1-keys, 0- keys, !- keys to save space, money, and weight. If you need your keyboard to have all kinds of keys, you may select the brands or types which can include them.
  • Carriage. The carriage is available both in automatic and manual modes. One can choose that, depending on one’s interest. But the automatic one reduces the extra strain and effort of adjusting it now and then.
  • Further considerations. You need to check all the knobs, switches, bells, levers, and whistles if they pop up or are jammed, and do not compromise in checking every key.

Vintage Typewriter Options

Royal 79101t Classic Manual Typewriter

In 1904, in a small machine shop, two men produced their first Royal typewriter. Their guiding principles of innovation and quality are the foundation of their company and products.

And now today, Royal resurrects the Classic! It’s ideal for those who prefer a nostalgic décor, a retro look, or an escape from digital technology.

An actual “wireless device,” the Portable Classic Manual is perfect for on-the-go authors! Comes with a pre-installed ribbon, storage case, and owner’s manual. The Royal Classic Manual Typewriter offers an alternative to writing documents on computers and has a tactile quality that today’s digital processors lack.

vintage typewriter: Royal 79101t Classic Manual Typewriter


  • Sturdy retro metal housing
  • Pre-installed black/red ribbon
  • Full-size keyboard

BESPORTBLE Vintage Typewriter Retro Typewriter

This item is a vintage typewriter ornament, made of iron material, high-quality and durable. It will bring you a retro and nostalgic atmosphere to your home and office.

You can use it to decorate your TV cabinet, wine cabinet, etc. Choose it for you.

vintage typewriter: BESPORTBLE Vintage Typewriter Retro Typewriter


  • Suitable for living room
  • TV cabinet
  • Long-lasting use

We R Memory Keepers Typewriter Typecast-Pink

Over 90 years ago, William R. Hiller and his two sons began building a reliable bookbinding business. The old Provo Book Bindery has emerged as one of the best bookbinding resources in the United States.

Hiller bookbinding aims to keep memories safe and secure outside of photo albums. People have always sought ways to stay in touch with history and memories started the first album’s production.

This typewriter’s beautiful, easy to operate. Lastly, it is packaged very well, with an outer brown cardboard box fitted snugly over a lovely package, in which the typewriter sat, also very snugly, in two considerably dense styrofoam buffers.

vintage typewriter: Royal Epoch Classic Portable Manual Typewriter


  • Typewriter – WR – typecast – pink
  • Long-established stationery
  • 0.04 Kilograms

Royal Epoch Classic Portable Manual Typewriter

This is a portable manual typewriter for on-the-go authors. The Royal Epoch Manual Typewriter features a wide 11 in. carriage for typing its 88 characters on the black and red nylon ribbon.

This is a classic style typewriter with a sturdy carrying case with a full-size keyboard with 44 keys and 88 symbols. It comes with a space bar repeater key, line spacing, and tab setting.

vintage typewriter: We R Memory Keepers Typewriter Typecast-Pink


  • Classic style typewriter
  • Full-size keyboard with 44 keys and 88 symbols
  • Study lightweight ABS housing

Classic Retro Manual Typewriter

The Royal Classic Portable Manual Typewriter features all-metal construction, a wide 11 in. carriage, 88 characters, and a black and red nylon ribbon.

It’s ideal for those who prefer nostalgic decor, a retro look, or an escape from digital technology. A true “wireless device,” the portable Classic is perfect for on-the-go authors. Comes with a pre-installed ribbon, storage case, and owner’s manual.

vintage typewriter: Classic Retro Manual Typewriter


  • 11″ typing print width
  • Full-size keyboard with 44 keys and 88 symbols
  • Space bar repeater key