Vintage Mirror

If you are a fan of everything antique and love the vintage touch in your decor, then a vintage mirror is necessary. Mirrors are highly versatile fixtures with many uses at home.
Vintage pieces have the extraordinary power to add beauty and charm to your rooms like never before. This is the reason why today, we’ll be sharing with you some of the best vintage mirror options around.

Vintage mirrors are pretty easy on the eye and are a great way to add character to a specific space in your home. Though vintage mirrors have been in style for decades, they never seem to go out of fashion. Even better, you can have the best of both worlds with a piece that’s sleek but rustic-looking.

As you may imagine, vintage mirrors can be found in different shapes and sizes. So with so many options, how do you know what to choose. We’ve come up with a list containing some of the most popular alternatives in the market that we think you’ll love.

Vintage Mirror FAQ’s

What is a vintage mirror?

An antique mirror is any mirror made at least 100 years ago. Modern designers sometimes make mirrors that look antique because the look of old mirrors never goes out of style.

What are vintage mirrors called?

Distressed mirrors are sometimes referred to as antiqued or even vintage mirrors. As a general term, distressed mirrors can have a distressed frame or distressed mirror glass.

How can you tell if a mirror is vintage?

Look closely at the mirror glass for slight waviness or random bubbles within the glass. Any manufacturing imperfections may indicate the glass is old, but imperfection does not necessarily guarantee the piece is antique.

What is antique mirror glass?

An antique mirror, also called a distressed mirror or smoky mirror refers to a cloudy, abstract mirror material. In other words, old mirrors develop blemishes over time. Antique mirror is a new mirror that is treated so that it appears to have that “old world” look.

What are vintage mirrors made of?

There isn’t a ‘best’ material, but some will be more durable than others. Ceramic, metal, and wood are generally long-lasting and will withstand damage well. Even the plastic vintage mirrors will be durable but often don’t have the same authentic feel.

How do you care for a vintage mirror?

Depending on the material used for the frame, you might need to use different methods to keep your mirror looking clean. A combination of vinegar and water with a clean cloth will keep it shiny and sparkling for the glass.

What to look for when choosing a vintage mirror?

  • Style. Consider exactly how ornate of a mirror you want. Some types lean into ornate details a bit more, while others have a more minimal, subtle look. Regardless, there are tons out there to fit various design aesthetics. There are also a few different shapes: Round, rectangular, and square, to consider as well.
  • Size. The two most common mirror sizes tend to be either a mantel style or floor-length design when it comes to vintage mirrors. However, they do vary in width or length, so you should measure the space you’re planning to put the mirror in beforehand. While vintage mirrors tend to be more one-of-a-kind pieces, larger retailers will have a more comprehensive selection of sizes to choose from.
  • Price. Vintage mirrors tend to be a bit more of an investment, but if they work in your price range, you’re sure to get a rare, unique piece. If you want a more wallet-friendly design, consider larger retailers with a broader assortment; you’ll be able to be a bit more specific with style, color, and size so you can find a stylish mirror that works best for your needs.

Vintage Mirror Options

Nerien Decorative Tabletop Oval Mirror Vintage Metal Desktop Mirror

The desktop stand mirror is made of zinc alloy, good corrosion-resistant, and non-fading. A straightforward mirror lets you see details on your face without distortion.

The vintage single-sided oval shape mirror has a sturdy metallic frame. The decorative countertop mirror with a stand, foldable and flat for easy storage or packing up.

Vintage style design of decorative pearls, ornate floral, and inlaid crystal edges delights you when making up. This vintage vanity countertop mirror brings retro style to your desk, dressing table, bathroom, well decorative your room, making your room look elegant.

vintage mirror: Nerien Decorative Tabletop Oval Mirror Vintage Metal Desktop Mirror


  • Tabletop Mount
  • Zinc
  • Classic Desing

Decorative Wall Mirror Gold Shield Shape

Golden shield shape decorative mirror makes it stunning for living room bathroom and wedding party. High-quality glass mirror with no deformation, perfect for makeup, and check your outfit, either how that vintage hat you always wanted to wear or how pretty your hands look with your vintage rings.

Vintage decorative mirror, perfect for a makeup mirror or wall decoration. Cosmetics or jewelry storage, bringing the luxury of the last century, the ideal addition to the desktop.

It can also be used as a wedding or other party decoration, becoming the core of the whole party decoration.

vintage mirror: Decorative Wall Mirror Gold Shield Shape


  • Resin, Glass
  • Wall-mount
  • Oval-shape

Linon Vintage Framed, Small BEV Wall Mirror

Full of rustic charm and character, the vintage framed wall mirror is perfect for accenting any area of your home.

The wide bordered mirror is wrapped with beige and brown fabric, leather, and nail head details.
Hangs vertically or horizontally. Measures 24 “x” ” x”2″ we suggest you consult a professional before hanging as this item is heavy.

vintage mirror: Linon Vintage Framed, Small BEV Wall Mirror


  • Aluminum
  • Wall-mount
  • Rectangular

Antique Green Diamond Shape Ceramic Accent Wall Mirror

This unique mirror features an elegant ceramic fleur de Lis design frame with a pale green glossy finish. It comes with an attached rubber padding on the back to keep your walls safe from scuffs and scratches.

The accent mirror has an attached hanging loop and is easily installed with a nail or wall hook.

Add your new accent mirror to your wall decor in the living room, hallway, or bedroom. A mirror is perfect by itself, or you can pair it with other decorative mirrors.

vintage mirror: Antique Green Diamond Shape Ceramic Accent Wall Mirror


  • Ceramic
  • Wall-mount
  • Square

Hanging Rectangular Accent Rustic Antique Gold Wall Mounted Mirror

Howard Elliott’s Queen Ann hanging wall mirror is the perfect focal piece for any room. This antique-inspired, beveled glass mirror adds an air of elegance to any home’s decor yet blends seamlessly with its classic oval shape.

The detailed frame is embellished with flourishes and scrolls, adding elegance and interest to a space while seamlessly blending in with any home’s decor.

The edges of the mirrored glass have a beveled effect, adding style and beauty to this already stunning piece.

vintage mirror: Hanging Rectangular Accent Rustic Antique Gold Wall Mounted Mirror


  • Beveled Edges
  • Easy to Install
  • Rectangular

You can add any of these beautiful vintage mirror to your vintage dresser, hang it close to a vintage frame, or up a stunning vintage desk.